escape - mountains in India

The Himalaya, the greatest mountain range on earth, provides some truly awe inspiring destinations. The foothills of the Himalaya are only 5 hours drive from Delhi. Then it’s possible to explore deeper into the Himalaya by, jeep safari, trekking, or even river rafting and skiing.

The world famous traveller, Michael Palin, was so impressed during the filming of his BBC TV series ‘Himalaya’ that he wrote....
“There are few places outside of the Himalaya where the relation of man to nature can be experienced on such a gigantic scale, and something like that may not change your life, but it does stretch it a bit.”, and, “Great journeys tend to bring me out in a rash of over-used superlatives, so all I will say this time is that ‘Himalaya’ was a wonderfully, magically, brilliant journey, with more gasps of astonishment per square mile than any other of my entire life. And for once I think I might be right.”

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