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Getting around in India can be a frustrating experience if you don’t know how things work. You have to contend with bureaucracy, false promises, and touts who will charge exorbitant rates for your tickets. We’ll make sure you avoid these hassles, and wherever possible, send your tickets prior to your arrival in India.

We can arrange all your transport for your visit to India. We book, international flights to and from India, domestic flights in India, onward flights to other countries, trains, cars, and even camels. Most visits to India involve a combination of different types of transport. We’ll make sure you choose the best option for all your journeys in India.



Buying your international flight to India with us can potentially save you a substantial sum. We buy flights at the Indian rupee rate which can be up to 20% cheaper than rates in your home country. All our flights are booked with our carefully chosen, IATA accredited, local partner.

There has recently been rapid development in India’s domestic flight market. There’s more choice than ever, but varying degrees of service and reliability. We’ll help you choose the right airline and book tickets for all your flights within India.

The Indian Railway network is mind boggling, it’s the second largest in the world, the world’s largest employer with 1,646,704 staff, and carries 14 million passengers on 14,444 trains daily. For some people their train journey in India is one of the highlights of their trip. Some routes pass through spectacular scenery and it’s a good way to see a bit of  everyday life in villages and rural communities. You might even like to consider travelling in style on one of Indian Railways luxury tour trains such as the Palace on Wheels which takes passengers around Rajasthan.

Booking train travel in India can be a little hectic as the system of quotas, classes, and train types is confusing to the inexperienced. Then you have to contend with the abrupt service of staff, long waits, intense heat and people shoving you around. In major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata you’ll find air-conditioned dedicated Foreign Tourist Reservation Centres, which despite the long waiting times, make the whole process easier.

If you want to avoid the Indian train reservations system altogether we’ll book your tickets in advance and send them to you prior to your arrival. Then you’ll be free to enjoy the experience of your train journey without the hassles.

Car Hire
Many places of interest in India aren’t serviced by convenient rail or air links so hiring a car is a popular way of getting around. Only the brave should think about self-drive car hire in India as the roads are chaotic and the Highway Code is universally ignored. The answer is to hire a car and driver. This isn’t as expensive as it sounds and given the distances and quality of the roads you’ll be glad to have someone experienced behind the wheel.