escape - trekking in India

Go trekking in India and you'll never forget it! The Himalaya provide almost endless trekking opportunities in one of the most breathtaking, unspoilt environments on the planet. All that’s required is a good level of fitness, a sense of adventure, and a good pair of worn in boots! We will supply, guides, cooks, porters, ponies, yaks, food, equipment, transport and accommodation.

The Indian Himalaya are situated to the east of Pakistan and west of Nepal in the states of Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttaranchal; to the east of Nepal, and west of Bhutan in the states of Sikkim and West Bengal; and to the east of Bhutan and west of Myanmar (Burma) in Arunachal  Pradesh (see our map of india). It is possible to trek between late March and early November although some treks are only possible for relatively short periods due to weather conditions. For example, most regions experience torrential rainfall in July and August during the monsoon but those are the best months for treks originating in Ladakh. There's trekking in India for most abilities and age groups from low altitude treks through alpine forests and valleys carpeted in flowers to demanding high altitude treks through snow, rock, and ice. Whatever type of trek you choose make sure that you choose your insurance policy carefully as most don’t cover you for anywhere near the altitudes you’ll reach while trekking in India. You should also make sure that emergency medical evacuation is covered as well.

In the following sections we’ve listed a few of our more popular treks along with basic information to give you some ideas. Please also read the trekking tips page in this section. You’ll find vital information on what to pack and acclimatising to altitude in our health and packing pages, and information on other mountain activities and Jungle Trekking in India on our activities page.  If you have a specific trek that you’d like to do tell us and we’ll organise it for you, or if you’d like us to suggest a suitable trek please contact us.

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